KEYNET 2 Frame Relay


Key and Device Management - AES-256 for Cipher X 7100 Frame Relay Encryption

The automated KEYNET 2 Frame Relay key and device management system centrally and automatically performs all centralized key management functions required of a secret distributed key-based encrypted data network secured with TCC's Cipher X 7100 Frame Relay encyptors. In addition, KEYNET 2 performs device status monitoring(auditing), as well as securely collecting traffic statistics.


  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that is very easy to learn and use.
  • Form secure user groups by dragging and dropping Cipher X 7100 icons.
  • Communication over the network via a secure SNMP protocol.
  • Status at a glance is displayed via color-coded icons on the key management map
  • Low-cost platform based on Windows application server
  • Anti-tamper, hardware-based Security Vault protects keys from physical compromise
  • Hot-standby mode provides restoral for mission-critical networks

Dual AES and Triple DES Key and Device Management

KEYNET Release 2 delivers 256-bit AES message encryption as well as (optionally) supporting a TDES capability for networks in transition between older TDES and newer, AES-based Cipher X 7100 units. The KEYNET 2 system incorporates two separate Security Vaults, one supporting the AES-256-based units and the other supporting the TDES-based units.

KEYNET 2 is comprised of a custom Windows application that runs on a host personal computer (PC), and is attached to one or more Security Vaults. Each Security Vault securely generates and retains all of the keying materials in an anti-tamper protected enclosure. It also encrypts and decrypts all of the SNMP messages that are either sent to or received from each Cipher X data encryption device on the data network.

All key management messages are secured using three-tier key management. All other sensitive messages are likewise encrypted between the KEYNET 2 server and the fielded Cipher X 7100 devices using secure SNMP messaging.

Technical Specifications


  Management of Cipher X secure communication systems


 Advanced Encryption Standard Block Cipher / 256-bit keys

 Triple DES (TDES) Block Cipher / 112-bit keys

 AES and TDES dual configuration supports networks


Security Standards

 FIPS 197 (AES-256)

 FIPS 46-3 / ANSI X9.52 (TDES)

 NIST SP 800-38A (AES & TDES)

 FIPS 140-1 Level 3

 FIPS 171 (Key Management)

 ISO 8732


 Security Vault (one or both used)

  • AES Security Vault
  • TDES Security Vault

 Desktop Personal Computer

  • KEYNET Application
  • Windows XP (opt. Vista or Windows 7)

 SmartModule-2K Key Fill Devices

  • 256-bit SKEKs (Security Vault KEKs)
  • 256-bit MKEKs Loaded into Cipher X 7100

Primary Power Input

 85-264VAC, 45-65Hz


 Operational Temperature

  • 10°C to 35°C


  • 5% to 90% (Non-condensing)

Network Protocol


Customer Support

 90 day software warranty

 1 year Security Vault warranty

 Extended support and maintenance contracts available


TCC is dedicated to quality products and services. TCC is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001, granted to TCC by TUV, is the most stringent standard available for total quality systems in design/development, production, installation and servicing.

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