HSE 6000 Headset Secure Radio, Telephone Encryption


Secure Radio Headset and Telephone Encryption for Secure Voice

Product Features

  • Half Duplex, lightweight, self-powered, body-worn fitting in a pocket
  • Universal encryption works with any radio headset/handset
  • Cost-effective: seamless network overlay; no equipment changes
  • Proven, high-end security
  • Exceptional recovered voice quality
  • Easy to use, deploy, manage
  • Conferencing across radio and telephone networks
  • Operates with corded handset telephones (VoIP, digital, analog)
  • Interoperable with the DSP 9000 secure voice radio encryption family

HSE 6000 Secure Radio Encryption for Land Mobile Radio Applications

HSE 6000 Secure Radio Headset and Telephone Encryption provides proven secure voice Land Mobile Radio, telephone and conferencing communications for public safety and special operations, including police, special forces, border control, aircrew when on the ground, covert agent and private security. HSE 6000 secure radio headset and telephone encryption for secure voice operates with most radios (including handheld and squad radios and any headset/handset) and all radio band frequencies. It is also lightweight, battery-powered, fits in a pocket and simple to use.

Secure Voice Telephone to Radio Conferencing

The HSE 6000 also connects to corded handset telephones used with VoIP, digital and analog telephone networks, enabling both secure radio, and secure radio-to-telephone communications and voice conferencing, which is ideal for connecting commanders and government officials with field forces. Enabled by X-NCrypt® Cross Network Cryptography, the HSE 6000 provides end-to-end secure voice communications and conferencing across and between radio and telephone networks.

DSP 9000 Secure Radio Encryption

HSE 6000 secure radio and telephone encryption for secure voice is also interoperable with TCC's DSP 9000 military secure radio encryption family. DSP 9000 secure radio encryption is available in base station, manpack, radio-embedded, and handset configurations. It has exceptional recovered voice quality and many years of proven performance. A universal encryption solution, the DSP 9000 operates with most radio makes and models, HF/VHF/UHF, and seamlessly overlays on existing voice networks for cost-effective end-to-end secure communications.


TCC is dedicated to quality products and services. TCC is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001, granted to TCC by TUV, is the most stringent standard available for total quality systems in design/development, production, installation and servicing.

Cipher One

CipherONE® Optimized Network Encryption

Our solutions meet TCC's CipherONE Optimized Network Encryption best-in-class criteria for maximum cryptographic strength, and are optimized for performance and ease of use for our customers.

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