HSE 6000 Military & Law Enforcement Universal Voice Encryption

HSE 6000 Headset/Handset Universal Radio Encryption for LMR Applications

HSE 6000 Military & Law Enforcement Voice Security

The HSE 6000 is a Body-Worn, Vest-Mounted, Battery-Powered, Small and Light weight In-Line COMSEC device connecting between a headset, helmet or handset and a radio, ICS or telephone.

Powered by X-NCrypt® End-to-End Cross Network Cryptography, the HSE 6000 closes the security gap between incompatible radios; across HF, VHF, UHF and SATCOM frequencies; between Analog, Digital and SDR radios; Analog, Digital and VoIP telephones; and radios and telephones.


  • Secures voice between analog, digital and SDR radios
  • Secures voice between analog, digital and VoIP phones
  • Secures voice between radios and telephones
  • Enables secure multiparty conferencing across radio and telephone networks
  • Military grade encryption with 2345 bit key strength
  • Vest mount, small, rugged, light-weight, battery powered
  • LMR for Land Mobile Radios
  • SEAL for Aircraft and Vehicle Intercom Systems (ICS)
  • Audible cipher transmission Start/End notification

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Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Operations

The HSE 6000 LMR is designed to secure voice communications for public safety and special operations, including police, special forces, border control, covert agent and private security. It connects to the radio and headset or handset directly.

Sea, Land, Air (SEAL) Operations

The HSE 6000 SEAL also supports aircraft and vehicle intercommunication systems (ICS) for Sea, Air and Land applications. It connects directly to the ICS' audio connectors without modification to avionics or vehicle communications systems.

Universal Voice Encryption

The HSE 6000 builds on the DSP 9000 End-to-End Universal Radio Encryption technology, closing the voice security gap between radios and telephones from different manufacturers and of different technologies, securing voice communication across HF, VHF, UHF and SATCOM frequencies; between Analog, Digital and SDR radios; between Analog, Digital and VoIP telephones; and across radio and telephone networks.

It is ideal for securing Coalition Forces' Counter-Terrorism, Naval, Airborne, Vehicle, Manpack and handheld Operations.

Cryptographic Strength

The same superior-grade security of TCC's military DSP 9000 secure radio solution is provided in the HSE 6000. TCC's Enhanced Domain Transform algorithm is controlled by a highly non-linear digital key stream generator. Tools are available for algorithm customization.

Prior to initial deployment, the security officer generates keys and radio interface settings with TCC's Crypto Management System and easily loads them into the HSE 6000 with TCC's SmartModule key fill device. A three-tier keying architecture, together with a randomly generated Initialization Vector, provide a new key stream for encrypting the audio. Additionally, Auto Key Change mode periodically updates the Local Key in use. Downline key indexing automatically sets the receiving HSE 6000s to the correct key.

Crypto Management System for Secure Voice Radio Encryption

Simplicity and Portability

The HSE 6000 is a small, body-worn size that fits in a pocket, and weighs under 0.6 lbs (315 g). It has a long battery life of 12 hours constantly running before needing to be recharged. A quick exchange of the battery pack is easily done in the field. The HSE 6000 is also simple to operate. Users just select the cipher or plain mode switch to speak securely or in the clear. Key management is user transparent.

HSE 6010 Telephone Encryption Interconnect Kit
HSE 6000 Secure Telephone Encryption

The HSE 6000 with our Telephone Interconnect Kit (HSE 6010) enables both secure radio to secure telephone communication, and secure telephone-to-telephone communication. It secures telephone communications across VoIP, analog and digital telephone networks, and is ideal for connecting commanders and government officials to field personnel. It also encrypts voicemail messages. Setting up a secure call with the Telephone Interconnect Kit is quick and easy.

DSP 9000 Military Secure Radio Family

DSP 9000 secure radio encryption is available in base station, manpack, radio-embedded, and handset configurations. It uses a digital signal processor to ensure exceptional recovered voice quality and cryptographic security. It is also a universal secure radio encryption solution and interoperates with the HSE 6000.

DSP 9000 Universal Secure Radio Encryption

Full-Featured ICS Support

HSE 6000 SEAL model is designed to be used by the crew member with Naval, Airborne and Ground Intercom Systems (ICS), enabling on-board and dismounted secure communications. It connects directly between the helmet and the ICS. Secure voice ICS feature highlights include:

  • Secure community groups for segregated secure communication over the same ICS
  • Binaural (stereo) earphones
  • Support for bias/no bias microphone requirements
  • ICS Hot MIC
  • Full-duplex bypass and dead-battery bypass
  • Cipher Transmissions START/END audio notification

End-to-End Secure Voice and Conferencing Across Networks and Applications

Universal Secure Radio Encryption and Commander's Cross-Network Conferencing

X-NCrypt Cross Network Cryptography enables secure voice communications across radio, satellite and telephone networks, as well as commander's conferencing.

HSE 6000 Technical Specifications


Enhanced Domain Transform algorithm controlled by a non-linear key generator

Key Architecture

Local Key - two independent keybanks, 100 each (200 total)

 Network Key

 System Key

 Initialization Vector (IV) – generated in software at each PTT sync actuation

Total Key Diversity

 Including IV: 1.01 x 10 104

Self Powered

 Rechargable Li-ion battery pack

 Power 12 hour battery Life—constant use

 Quick exchange battery pack


 Operational Temp: -15°C to +60°C

 Storage Temp (excluding battery): -40°C to +85°C

 Storage Temp (including battery): -20°C to +50°C

 Humidity: MIL-STD-810G

 Immersion: IEC 60529 IP67

 Vibration: MIL-STD-810G

 Shock: MIL-STD-810G


User Interface

 Language-independent symbols for connections and buttons

 Load and Bank select Buttons

 Battery status indicator

 Emergency Erase Button

Key Fill Device

 SmartModule key fill


 Crypto Management System

 HSE 6010 Telephone Interconnect Kit


 HSE 6000 LMR for Land Mobile Radio applications

 HSE 6000 SEAL for air and vehicle ICS applications


TCC is dedicated to quality products and services. TCC is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001, granted to TCC by TUV, is the most stringent standard available for total quality systems in design/development, production, installation and servicing.

Cipher One

CipherONE® Optimized Network Encryption

Our solutions meet TCC's CipherONE Optimized Network Encryption best-in-class criteria for maximum cryptographic strength, and are optimized for performance and ease of use for our customers.

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