30 Jun 2015

Enhancing Mobile User Security with Cipher X® 7211 IP Encryption

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Modern enterprises have the need to securely enable a mobile workforce. Employees need access to corporate data services to enhance productivity and improve corporate responsiveness. TCC's Cipher X 7211 IP encryption system easily integrates into networks that have mobile users and helps enforce security policies, providing a more robust and flexible security solution that enhances the security of traditional VPN access.

Inter-operates with Traditional VPN Services 
TCC’s Cipher X 7211 system can be easily configured to inter-operate with and enhance the security of traditional user VPN services. It’s security policy engine can be configured to allow remote user VPN service access in the corporate network while maintaining the security overlay on core network communications. The Cipher X 7211 security policy engine protects services such as software-based VPN servers by restricting the traffic granted access to the VPN server to only what conforms to strict security policy.
Tight Control, Simplified Monitoring
Routing remote users through a single Cipher X 7211 access point in the network allows security managers tight controls and simplified monitoring of network traffic to minimize the threat opportunity that mobile devices inherently add to corporate data security. The flexibility of the Cipher X 7211 security overlay means access to the corporate network’s VPN service can be provided by any one of the Cipher X 7211 devices in the network. This gateway access can be easily moved between sites through centralized control of the Cipher X 7211. The Cipher X 7211 adds a secure circuit breaker capability in the event of a significant network security event. 
 Infinite Flexibility to Minimize Threat Opportunity
The flexibility of Cipher X 7211 security policy engine provides network security engineers the ability to limit VPN access to pre-approved source networks to ensure that global threats or compromise of mobile devices has a minimum threat opportunity. TCC’s Cipher X 7211 system provides network security engineers simple to deploy strategic communications with infinite flexibility all enabled by its centrally managed powerful security policy engine.  
Learn more about the Cipher X 7211 IP encryption system.

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