6 Aug 2015

On-Demand Webinar: 360 Degrees of Data Security Know-How Made Easy

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VPN, secure email, access control, edge encryption ... the list goes on. What are the differences among data security capabilities and what should you implement in your organization to protect your information onsite, across locations, with remote employees and with customers, suppliers and partners?

This 1.5 hour non-technical webinar taught by a cryptography expert will:

  • Provide a high-level technical understanding of data encryption and security
  • Walk through a company scenario with diverse applications and activities while describing security threats, options & best practices
  • Arm you with the knowledge to identify security needs, understand available security solutions, and be confident that the right security issues are being addressed for your business

Curriculum Detail

Encryption technical foundation. Overview of the basic concepts of encryption, keys and passwords, integrity & hashing, authentication & signatures, and public key infrastructure.

Data security solutions and their applications. Covered areas include access control, secure email, file encryption, voice security, firewalls, virus/malware, intrusion detection system, edge encryption, virtual private network and e-commerce.

Securing activities inside the LAN. Learn about access and logging in, and securely sending/receiving email files. Also, understand risks and protection for wireless LANs, as well as security for databases, shared folders and Internet browsing.

Protecting the LAN perimeter. Outlines threats and security measures to protect the boundary between the trusted LAN inside and outside such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

Encrypting the wide area network. Bulk and protocol sensitive encryption devices are explored and compared to secure multi-site communications.

Communicating securely outside the core network. Discusses the differences of securing remote employees with uncontrolled remote access and securing partners, contractors and customers. An overview of VPN and application security options are provided.

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